What is sobu?

sobu is an online shop platform from Swiss Post, built on the principle “buy, share and earn”. Anyone who shares their purchase with their friends on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) and prompts friends to make a purchase at Jegen - Startseite can now earn cash!


Earn 7% commission on your friends’ purchases!

Receive a great rate of 7% commission on the cost of each purchase made by your friends as a result of your recommendation. This means that you earn cash regularly when your friends purchase from Jegen - Startseite!

Get your money in three easy steps

The rules are simple:

  • Buy: After making a purchase, you will see advice in the online shop on how you can recommend the products you have purchased. Register once on the sobu platform.
  • Share: Publish the products you have purchased on social networks.
  • Earn: You will now automatically receive 7% commission on each order that your friends make as a result of the published link. You can withdraw the accumulated sum of money from your sobu account.

20% discount for all your friends

It gets even better! Each of your friends benefits from a one-off discount of 20% when they click on your recommendation link and make a purchase. This will be deducted from the cost of their purchase automatically. The discount of 20% can only be redeemed once per person.

We hope you have lots of fun with your online shopping and earning! You can find more information about sobu at sobu.ch.